Iris Prima

Iris Prima has quite a long history, two years to be exact! This new fragrance was created by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas (Penhaligon’s of London) and was inspired by a unique partnership with the English National Ballet; with an aim to create a scent that captured the blood, sweat and tears of the ballerinas.

It is confusing as the initial scent is quite overpowering and not very pleasant but within moments it settles into an amazing plethora of nose pleasers and I can only describe what I experienced as polished wooden floors, freshly washed linen and spicy pepper.

Not quite the blood, sweat and tears that they were aiming for but certainly a smell that can transport your senses into the secluded yet magical world of the ballet.

I am now dying to try Juniper Sling which is interestingly inspired by my favourite tipple London Dry Gin!

Iris Prima is exclusive to Harrods and is priced at £85 for 50ml.


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