Crest Supreme teeth whitestrips review

With only three days until Christmas and the oodles of parties that we are set to attend, now is definately the time to beautify, pamper and preen in preperation! I haven’t shown my face on the social scene for months so I have a lot of work to do before I am happy with any selfies or photos plastered over FB and Twitter! My first task is to brighten up my smile and I have turned to Crest Supreme Whitestrips to help me transform my dull smile into a sparkling, high wattage grin that will put Rylan to shame! I purchased 10 pouches for around £20 off Ebay. (PLEASE make sure that you buy from a reputable buyer as there are a lot of fakes out there.) This product is super duper easy to use and you simply stick the strips onto your nashers and leave for thirty minutes once a day. I have only done three applications so far and the results are so fabulous that I can’t wait to see the end result in seven days! Watch this space and perhaps wear sunglasses so that you aren’t blinded by my dazzling new smile!


MAC Select Cover Up concealer review

I can’t believe how long I have been banging on about finding a perfect concealer and it has been sat in my make- up box all along! I was running a bit low on samples so I thought I would take a rummage and see if there was anything worth reviewing and I am so happy that I rediscovered this bad boy! I think that the before and after pictures do all the talking for this product and as you can see the results are amazing! I am a bit of an insomniac and I’m not too thrilled about my before picture BUT if a 15 quid concealer can sort me out then imagine what it could do for you! I use NW20 which is a perfect match and the only other product I have on my face is Nars tinted moisturizer in Alaska. I promise there has been no photo shop or Instagram and I have zoomed in so this is a very clear representation of what this little beauty can do! Thank you MAC!


Nars Pro-prime smudge proof eyeshadow base

I have never used an eye shadow primer before but I had to give this a bash and see what all the fuss was about.

With a price tag of £19.00, I initially thought that I would rather buy another eye shadow but after testing this product I can honestly say that it is money well spent!

The product is a white paste but disappears as soon as you apply it. You can put this anywhere that you are going to apply eye shadow and it pretty much acts as a glue. Believe me when I say that it absolutely did not budge from 6.30am right up to bedtime and because you only need a pea size amount, this will easily last for ages.

I am left with just two thoughts…. 1, will my Nars eye makeup remover get rid of this before I go to sleep and 2, what would happen if I use this as a face primer?! I will let you know!


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

I am always on the hunt for a good concealer and since my favourite Maybelline one was discontinued I am yet to find another that is as good. This product from Nars has a fantastic reputation and brilliant reviews from all over the world so I had to give it a try. I was torn between custard and honey and ended up going for the latter but I wish I had gone with the more yellow tone.

This concealer is great at hiding red marks and doesn’t accentuate pores so already it gets two ticks but unfortunately it doesn’t cover my dark circles. I have tried applying the product with my fingers and brush and using different motions but it just doesn’t want to work with me!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a vast improvement but I want the 100 per cent coverage that my Maybelline fave gave me! If anyone knows of a good mousse concealer please, please let me know!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is available in 8 shades and priced at £21.00.


Nars Face Powder

This face powder is perfect for setting my concealer or foundation (when I bother to wear it!) The product is very sheer and provides very little coverage but it does not cake the face, settle into imperfections or feel heavy.

If you have a skin tone that matches to one of the five colours (I wear Eden) then I would definitely recommend this powder. The packaging is stylish, the puff is of a good quality and it will keep any shine at bay for most of the day!

Nars pressed powder is priced at £24.00 and is available from all major department stores.

17976 M2

Yin Yang Rich Skin Food

We picked up a sample of this at the Professional Beauty North event a couple of weeks ago and I thought that I best do a review as it seemed sad and lonely just sitting in my bag!

What it says; this light facial cream can be used as a daily moisturiser and a replenishing night cream; especially useful for stressed and fine sensitive skin.

Formulated around Yin Yang’s signature Soya protein, an abundant source of important amino acids, the cream is fortified with anti-oxidant Vitamin E from Wheat Germ oil and skin rejuvenating Carotol from the seed of Wild Carrot. Also contains Zinc PCA to support healthy collagen synthesis!

Now, a lot of that I do not understand but now that I am heading towards 33, the word collagen is very attractive to me! This cream smells divine and reminds me of having a facial at a spa, it is very luxurious and light but it did take the whole sample to make my skin feel hydrated.

Ten minutes later my skin feels like silk and my makeup has gone on like a dream!


You can buy this product at for £19.50. Use discount code YY10 for 10% off!