Benefit Erase Paste review

I love bears; teddy bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, koala bears but my favourite bear of all has to be the panda. Whilst I harbour a real affection for these cuddly creatures I loathe the one thing we share in common; dark circles. I have suffered from these bothersome shadows for as long as I care to remember and have tried all manner of concealers and light reflecting products to disguise them. The concealers I have tried have been either too light to make any difference or too heavy to look natural. The light reflecting products do just what they say on the wand but only make matters worse by highlighting the issue even further. I had all but resigned myself to living with these pesky under eye storm clouds until… the beauty God’s from above enlightened me (literally) with Erase Paste by Benefit. Before I could say Hallelujah, the Benefit Consultant had me perched on a heavenly stool and literally swept my shadows away. This little pot of magic is a thick, glossy concealer and a little certainly goes a long way. It comes with a tiny spatula but I find it works best applied with a flat brush. It glides effortlessly over the skin and it’s thick consistency covers the darkness without settling in the fine lines. It is also great for covering other imperfections such as blemishes or thread veins. It is so effective that it even covered my friends bruises from a sporting injury. Once I have applied the Erase Paste I use another one of Benefits wonder products Eye Bright. This chubby pencil contains an iridescent crayon in a beautiful pearlised pink which when applied over the Erase Paste works beautifully. It is actually designed to be worn in the inner corners of the eyes to make them look fresh and bright which it definitely does so I strongly suggest you apply it there too. So if like me your eyes are being over shadowed, leave the dark circles where they belong on the beautiful pandas and go and see the Benefit!

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