Benefit Benetint review

This was one of the first ever products made within Benefit on the request of an erotic dancer who wanted pinker nipples! The team at Benefit were more than happy to oblige and designed Benetint which is now one of the most sought after products in the beauty industry.

I love the history and so wanted to love the product but when I put this on my cheeks over my blusher it was a disaster! The tint seems to strip away anything that is already on my skin and the result is patchy and pretty horrible. I imagine that this is incredible if you have great skin and just need a hint of colour to give you a flushed look, so I am excited to take this on holiday with me and try once I have a tan and dare to go out without concealer and bronzer!

I also tried this product on my lips which I adore! Applying this with the small brush feels like someone is tickling you and was the highlight of my day as it left me with tingly lips and a gorgeous natural rose tint which lasted for hours! For this reason alone, Benetint can remain in my make-up bag and I will recommend to friends!

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