Benefit Hoola review

I have to be honest and say that this bronzer does not suit me in the slightest! I have quite odd freckles all over my face and unfortunately this product makes them look like they have all merged together leaving me looking mucky! However, I have heard fantastic reviews and felt unfair writing negatives when I seem to be in the minority, so I got a friend to test instead. Here is what they said;

“Hoola is a classic matte bronzer which looks fabulous on pretty much any skin tone (except Laurie’s!!). It is highly pigmented and works brilliantly when you build it up or want a more natural look. It has a gorgeous bronzed colour and is great at contouring as well as adding warmth. I love the packaging, although the applicator is quite naff and isn’t good enough to compliment such a pricy product. Putting that one teeny tiny niggle to one side, I love Hoola and will definitely splash out for another once this one has gone.”

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