Ultrasun product reviews

A massive thank you to Abi Cleeve at Ultrasun for sending me these wonderful products to review: it is safe to say that I have fallen in love with them all!

I wanted to wait until I went to Las Vegas to test these products under extreme weather circumstances: after all if they can protect me from the desert heat and winds then they can protect me from anything!

Ultrasun Glimmer with SPF20. Seeing as though I was going to the land of bright lights and razzle dazzle, Abi wanted me to try out this super luxurious product and try I did….. We had a full day of quad biking at Nellis Dunes and it was an incredibly hot day with super high speed winds. I applied this lotion twenty minutes before leaving the hotel and what a difference it made in the appearance of my legs.

I hate too much sparkle and this was just perfect. In fact I would say I glistened and boasted a perfect dewy glow… the product just seemed to make my skin look revitalized and fresh. The biggest bonus about this lotion is that my husband won’t dare steal it as it has the word glimmer on the bottle! Score!

Ultrasun Tinted Face SPF30. Although this looks quite dark on first appearance, it is actually perfect for my pale skin and is my new daily wonder product. It provides an excellent base for makeup and can be used on your neck, chest, arms etc to give you an extra glow.

Anyone over the age of 25 should be wearing a moisturizer with sunscreen in it every single day and if you can double it up as a primer then surely that is a wonderful thing?

The glimmer product is £36.50 for 250ml and the face moisturizer is £32.50 for 2 x 50ml and can be purchased from http://www.qvcuk.com: Definitely affordable beauty at its best.

I just have one tiny niggle Ultrasun…. Your packaging does not do you justice!