Happy Halloween!

So, today is October 31st a day that is becoming more popular year by year. It is also a great time for Makeup Artists to be as creative as they possibly can without explaining to anyone why they have diamantes on their eyelashes or why they have used blue eyeshadow as blusher etc!

This year I decided not to take any bookings and have my makeup done for me for a nice change.

I decided to book in at Illamasqua in Leeds Victoria Quarter as I was attending a Halloween event on Saturday night. I went dressed as a vampire so I wanted something really dramatic and a little bit gothy too. Illamasqua were advertising a look called ‘The Damned’ with red lips and black & red smokey eyes so as soon as I saw it I knew that’s what I needed my makeup to look like.

I had my makeup done by a lady named ‘B’, she was running a little bit over with a client but was very apologetic and still took her time with my makeup throughout the appointment making sure that everything was perfect. She was very professional and a great representative for Illamasqua!

This was the first time I had had an insight to Illamasqua’s range of products and I think I now have a shopping bag saved in my head with at least £300 worth of products that I need to get from there. I will definitely book to have my makeup done there again and recommend it to anyone!

I will be writing a review on the products that I redeemed back very soon!

GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker – 002 Pink

I have never bought anything from GOSH so when this was in Septembers glossy box I was really keen to try it!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post – I have never suited pink lipstick and I don’t really have a big collection of pink lipsticks so when I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t red or a dark purple colour!

But hey ho, what I really like about this product is that it actually true to its name – a marker! It’s got a very fine tip so it is really precise with the application.

I wouldn’t necessarily use this product on a night out as it’s quite as pigmented as a lipstick, however I definitely would use it during the day as it is quick and easy to apply, won’t take up too much space on your handbag and it also has quite a nice smell to it! It also dries very quickly and doesn’t feel thick or sticky on your lips like some lipsticks/glosses.


Vitamasque – 120 Hydro Face Mask

So this product was in September’s Glossybox, I have seen a lot of face masks all over social media recently and I have been keen to try them for ages.

I suffer really bad with dry skin especially on my face, the face mask I tried at the weekend was one that focuses on hydrating the skin on the face.

You get the face masks in two parts, one for the top half of your face and one for the bottom half. I’m not entirely sure what it is made of but it feels like jelly! The masks initially are quite cold on your face but very relaxing as you have to lay down so that they don’t slide off your face. You are advised to leave the mask on for 30 minutes which is definitely enough time for it to work, there may be some moisturiser left on the face and they advise you to rub that into the skin.

It says that it should give you 120 minutes of hydration, I did the mask on Sunday evening and it is now Friday and I can definitely feel a difference in my skin & I actually tried to purchase a couple but the website was down! They have 4/5 different face masks in their range which I am eager to try very soon, you can purchase individually or in multipacks! Brilliant product, easy to use and no mess unlike other face masks that you have to put on yourself!

Apologies for the rubbish picture of the packet, I forgot to take one before it was too late.

Mark Hill Handbag Heroes!

If you’re like me and follow endless amount of celebrities and reality TV stars Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc. You will have seen glimpses of Mark Hills ever growing electrical hair stylers and hair products all over social media!

I am always keen to try new products and see what they’re like on myself – but sometimes this can be quiet costly, in Boots at the weekend I spotted this little trio by Mark Hill, there are ‘handbag sized’ versions of some of their products. The set included a Freeze Hold Hairspray, I have really wispy fine hair that struggles to stay where it’s put. A Taming Anti-Humidity spray which won’t be put into much use at the moment as it is October and absolutely freezing, but it can be used to tame your hair that is a little bit defiant – it also gives a slight shimmer which is nice in the winter months.  There is also a ‘Plumping Powder’ included in the trio, as mentioned my hair is really fine so I have to have something that adds volume without being able to see it and this product really does the trick! Included in this set is also 2 clips that are to assist you with styling your hair, which I will inevitably lose in a week – but they will be treasured until then.

I love the colours that Mark Hill has used for his packaging, I think it is very differed than what you see on the hair care aisle usually and really stands out and makes you want to buy it!

I picked this up in Boots, it’s was £12 and also in the 3 for 2 offer that Boots put on in the upcoming weeks to Christmas, so if you’re picking up a couple of presents and fancy something for yourself then I’d definitely invest – or even as a stocking filler for a loved one. Or if you’re like me and just testing the products before you buy the full version!


My makeup from the weekend!

So, since I am a qualified Makeup Artist myself, I thought I would go through what products I used to create last weekend’s makeup, I was off to a 70th birthday party so apologies it’s not as glamorous as I would want it to be!

Face:                     On the face I used my MAC Pro concealer to get rid of any imperfections and dark circles, on top of that I used MAC Face & Body Foundation in a mixture of C1 & C3.

To create a subtle contour I used Benefit Cosmetics bronzer ‘Hoola’ underneath my cheek bones and a little under my jaw line.

For my highlighter, my absolute favourite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘That Glow’ kit and for this look I used the shade ‘Bubbly’.

Eyes:                     I experimented with pigments for this look, I mixed MAC ‘Old Gold’ pigment with MAC Fix+ for the inner lids of my eye and blended that out to Urban Decay Naked Palette in the shade ‘Buck’.

For my eyelashes I applied Eyelure Lashes in ‘101’ these are a really nice length and not too heavy on the eye, they’re also a perfect fit so need to cut them down before application, I then topped it up with the Chanel Inimitable mascara to make them stand out a little but more.

On my brows I have MAC brow gel in shade ‘Dirty Blonde’, I put most of my product on the end of my brows and blend it out to create a subtle ombre look.

Lips:                       I am a massive lover of bright or dark lipsticks there is no in between, I have only a few nude lipsticks in my collection. This lipstick is a sort of orangey red colour and it really pulls the look together I personally think, it is MAC and the shade is ‘So Chaud’.

So, this is the sort of makeup I would wear to a family gathering or a nice meal out!

Keep checking back as I will be posting more selfies explaining the products I use in everyday life, especially that Halloween is just round the corner…


Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar – 12 day countdown!

As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed to have it! After dropping many hints to various my family members, boyfriend, friends etc. My mum eventually give in and bought me it – no matter how old I get I will refuse to myself an advent calendar, whether it has chocolate in it or makeup!

I’m not officially allowed to use it until the 13th December when the 12 day countdown to the big day begins – but I have had a sneaky little peak inside. The products inside are a really good size, they are not tiny sample sizes like what you get with other brands advent calendars, I think the lip gloss and various other products are actually full size. I am a massive Charlotte Tilbury fan, it is one of my favourite brands. One of my favourite things about CT is the packaging, the pinks, purples & rose gold just goes together so nicely!

When you open the doors on the advent calendar there are 12 little pull out draws with the products inside, some are wrapped in purple tissue paper and some are in their boxes. Some are just purely there on their own which I am not too fussed about.

When Christmas is over and the countdown has been done, I will probably keep the box and potentially use it to put my jewellery in or even create an advent calendar for myself next year (if they don’t bring out another one as amazing as this!). I think it is a brilliant idea on how to test products before you go out and buy them, especially the skin care products as they are quite expensive. Great value for money and I cannot wait to share with you all when we get a little bit closer to the date, not long though as there is only 9 Fridays left before we reach Christmas!

I will be doing a Christmas Gift idea’s post very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.



Vamp Eye Shadow Palette – High Definition Beauty Group

We attended Professional Beauty in Manchester on the 19th of September, I was completely unaware that HD Brows had expanded and had it’s own makeup range, I suppose that’s what these shows are for to promote products old & new!
I purchased the eye shadow palette in ‘Vamp’, it has 5 shades of light pink through to a dark purple. (L-R, Candy, Dusky, Berry, Aubergine, Currant)
I have swatched the colours on my hand and they are really lovely on the hand, and with a brilliant primer I would imagine them to be as stunning on the eyes! Even though they are power they have a creamy texture to them and they are really easy to work with – also they don’t seem to drop which is a bonus!
HD Beauty products are only available from their website at the moment but I would definitely recommend having a look on there and buying their products. I am super excited to see how this brand develops in the next year or so.
I also bought some lashes & a lip gloss from HD Beauty so keep checking Beauty & The Science Geeks for more reviews on brilliant beauty products!hd-vamp-eyeshadow

High Definition Beauty Group – Lip gloss in ‘Dusk’

Another amazing product that I bought from High Definition Beauty Group at Professional Beauty was this Lip gloss in the shade ‘Dusk’. I have to admit that I am more of a Lipstick personal than Lip gloss. As I have long hair I am always fighting with the wind in England to make sure that my hair doesn’t end up sticking to my lips!

What I liked about this product is that it is really pigmented, you only need one coat to cover your lips and to my excitement it wasn’t as sticky as anticipated. I bought this lip gloss for everyday use and I think that the colour is perfect for everyday.

Top right: Natural lips
Bottom right: 1 coat of the lip gloss
Left: The lip gloss in it’s packaging
Another thing I really like about the HD Beauty make-up is the packaging, it is simple but effective at the same time!
I also bought some HD Beauty Lashes, but I haven’t been anywhere to use them yet so keep checking the blog for a review on them!

​DreamWeave & Co – Lip Voltage Chamber Made

I have actually known about this product for a couple of years, I had it back when it was first released where you had to actually inject the stuff that makes your lip plump into the lip gloss! It is now back new & improved – the reason why it is ‘chamber made’ is because there is the chambers – one filled with lip gloss & the other filled with the lip plumping solution. You can control the amount of lip plumbing solution comes out with a nozzle on the bottom of the product.
There are four different settings, ‘Just plump, no tingle’, ‘Cool’, ‘Warm’ and ‘Hot’.
The top picture is a picture of my lips before I put the Lip Voltage on and the picture on the bottom is about 5 minutes after, I set the lip plumper to ‘Warm’. This product is brilliant for people that want to get plumper lips without having fillers, I usually put this on right at the beginning of putting my makeup on to go out. By the time I am getting to the end the Lip Voltage has definitely started to work, then what I usually do is wipe the gloss off as it is quite thick then apply lip liner & lipstick giving you plumper lips for the night!
In the morning you will find that your lips have gone back to their original size.
I would recommend this product to anyone who’s scared of getting fillers, it is virtually painless – you will feel a very strong tingling sensation but it lasts around 5 minutes and then wears off leaving you with a fuller smile!lip-voltage

Inglot Cosmetics – Pure Pigment Eye Shadow #82

Inglot Cosmetics is a brand that I have been excited to try out but unfortunately they only have 2 stores in England and they are both in London and I am based in Leeds so I don’t get chance to travel down there as much as I would like so when I found out they were going to be at Professional Beauty I eager to get my hands on them. I like to try products on in person rather than online because a lot of cosmetic products can be quite misleading.
I have got a lot of makeup in my kit but one thing that I lack is Pigments! I have a couple from MAC & a couple from a small brand called Glittereyes – which I absolutely adore.
I purchased the Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in Shade #82, it is a coppery brown glittery colour. Pictures of this eye shadow really do not do it justice on the swatch on my hand. There is a little bit of drop but that is expected as it is a loose powder and as long as there’s no product under the eye it is easy for you to wipe any of the dropped pigments off and then apply your face products.
The only downside to the Inglot stand is that a lot of products were out of stock, but we did go on the second day of the show so that is understandable!
I will definitely be purchasing some more pigments from the Inglot Cosmetics in the near future! inglot-eye-pigment-82