​DreamWeave & Co – Lip Voltage Chamber Made

I have actually known about this product for a couple of years, I had it back when it was first released where you had to actually inject the stuff that makes your lip plump into the lip gloss! It is now back new & improved – the reason why it is ‘chamber made’ is because there is the chambers – one filled with lip gloss & the other filled with the lip plumping solution. You can control the amount of lip plumbing solution comes out with a nozzle on the bottom of the product.
There are four different settings, ‘Just plump, no tingle’, ‘Cool’, ‘Warm’ and ‘Hot’.
The top picture is a picture of my lips before I put the Lip Voltage on and the picture on the bottom is about 5 minutes after, I set the lip plumper to ‘Warm’. This product is brilliant for people that want to get plumper lips without having fillers, I usually put this on right at the beginning of putting my makeup on to go out. By the time I am getting to the end the Lip Voltage has definitely started to work, then what I usually do is wipe the gloss off as it is quite thick then apply lip liner & lipstick giving you plumper lips for the night!
In the morning you will find that your lips have gone back to their original size.
I would recommend this product to anyone who’s scared of getting fillers, it is virtually painless – you will feel a very strong tingling sensation but it lasts around 5 minutes and then wears off leaving you with a fuller smile!lip-voltage

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