High Definition Beauty Group – Lip gloss in ‘Dusk’

Another amazing product that I bought from High Definition Beauty Group at Professional Beauty was this Lip gloss in the shade ‘Dusk’. I have to admit that I am more of a Lipstick personal than Lip gloss. As I have long hair I am always fighting with the wind in England to make sure that my hair doesn’t end up sticking to my lips!

What I liked about this product is that it is really pigmented, you only need one coat to cover your lips and to my excitement it wasn’t as sticky as anticipated. I bought this lip gloss for everyday use and I think that the colour is perfect for everyday.

Top right: Natural lips
Bottom right: 1 coat of the lip gloss
Left: The lip gloss in it’s packaging
Another thing I really like about the HD Beauty make-up is the packaging, it is simple but effective at the same time!
I also bought some HD Beauty Lashes, but I haven’t been anywhere to use them yet so keep checking the blog for a review on them!

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