Inglot Cosmetics – Pure Pigment Eye Shadow #82

Inglot Cosmetics is a brand that I have been excited to try out but unfortunately they only have 2 stores in England and they are both in London and I am based in Leeds so I don’t get chance to travel down there as much as I would like so when I found out they were going to be at Professional Beauty I eager to get my hands on them. I like to try products on in person rather than online because a lot of cosmetic products can be quite misleading.
I have got a lot of makeup in my kit but one thing that I lack is Pigments! I have a couple from MAC & a couple from a small brand called Glittereyes – which I absolutely adore.
I purchased the Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in Shade #82, it is a coppery brown glittery colour. Pictures of this eye shadow really do not do it justice on the swatch on my hand. There is a little bit of drop but that is expected as it is a loose powder and as long as there’s no product under the eye it is easy for you to wipe any of the dropped pigments off and then apply your face products.
The only downside to the Inglot stand is that a lot of products were out of stock, but we did go on the second day of the show so that is understandable!
I will definitely be purchasing some more pigments from the Inglot Cosmetics in the near future! inglot-eye-pigment-82

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