Mark Hill Handbag Heroes!

If you’re like me and follow endless amount of celebrities and reality TV stars Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc. You will have seen glimpses of Mark Hills ever growing electrical hair stylers and hair products all over social media!

I am always keen to try new products and see what they’re like on myself – but sometimes this can be quiet costly, in Boots at the weekend I spotted this little trio by Mark Hill, there are ‘handbag sized’ versions of some of their products. The set included a Freeze Hold Hairspray, I have really wispy fine hair that struggles to stay where it’s put. A Taming Anti-Humidity spray which won’t be put into much use at the moment as it is October and absolutely freezing, but it can be used to tame your hair that is a little bit defiant – it also gives a slight shimmer which is nice in the winter months.  There is also a ‘Plumping Powder’ included in the trio, as mentioned my hair is really fine so I have to have something that adds volume without being able to see it and this product really does the trick! Included in this set is also 2 clips that are to assist you with styling your hair, which I will inevitably lose in a week – but they will be treasured until then.

I love the colours that Mark Hill has used for his packaging, I think it is very differed than what you see on the hair care aisle usually and really stands out and makes you want to buy it!

I picked this up in Boots, it’s was £12 and also in the 3 for 2 offer that Boots put on in the upcoming weeks to Christmas, so if you’re picking up a couple of presents and fancy something for yourself then I’d definitely invest – or even as a stocking filler for a loved one. Or if you’re like me and just testing the products before you buy the full version!


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