Happy Halloween!

So, today is October 31st a day that is becoming more popular year by year. It is also a great time for Makeup Artists to be as creative as they possibly can without explaining to anyone why they have diamantes on their eyelashes or why they have used blue eyeshadow as blusher etc!

This year I decided not to take any bookings and have my makeup done for me for a nice change.

I decided to book in at Illamasqua in Leeds Victoria Quarter as I was attending a Halloween event on Saturday night. I went dressed as a vampire so I wanted something really dramatic and a little bit gothy too. Illamasqua were advertising a look called ‘The Damned’ with red lips and black & red smokey eyes so as soon as I saw it I knew that’s what I needed my makeup to look like.

I had my makeup done by a lady named ‘B’, she was running a little bit over with a client but was very apologetic and still took her time with my makeup throughout the appointment making sure that everything was perfect. She was very professional and a great representative for Illamasqua!

This was the first time I had had an insight to Illamasqua’s range of products and I think I now have a shopping bag saved in my head with at least £300 worth of products that I need to get from there. I will definitely book to have my makeup done there again and recommend it to anyone!

I will be writing a review on the products that I redeemed back very soon!


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