Revlon Gel Envy Top Coat!

I received this product in a Glossy box & I have been waiting for the right time to use it as I very rarely paint my nails despite having 100’s of nail varnishes!

I didn’t manage to get in to have my nails shellac’d before Halloween so I thought I’d give painting them a whirl and test out this product.

As a base coat I used Barry M’s Iron Mani, it is a base coat and a nail strengthener all in one – my nails aren’t very strong so this is a life saver for me.

As my main colour I used Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail paint in Black Currant, I picked this up thinking it was black but it is a really dark purple but you can only tell in certain lights. An amazing thing about this product is you only need one coat! They’re £3.99 a polish, but you can usually pick them up on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots or Superdrug etc.

Then I used the revlon Revlon Gel Envy Top Coat and I can honestly say everyone thought I had Gel on my nails, it made them look really thick and shiny! I’m definitely going to start painting my nails more often and using this product. As mentioned I got this product in a Glossybox but you can pick them up for around £7.99 well worth the money!

The only thing I cannot comment on is how long they lasted as I am a serious nail polish picker, hence why I usually have gels or acrylics on so that I cannot pick them off! But from another couple of reviews I’ve read is the product can help maintain Nail Colour for 1-2 weeks which is pretty much how long some gels that are done professionally last!