Pixi Beauty – Best of Bright Kit

I have been waiting to get my hands on a couple of Pixi Beauty products for a while after seeing a lot of bloggers rave about the products, but every time I go to buy them they are always out of stock! But I managed to pick up the Best of Bright Kit from Cult Beauty a few weeks back.

In this kit there is a cleanser, toner and a mud mask.

First of all I used the Glow Mud Cleanser, this product is not like any other cleanser that I have used before! It is not in a liquid form it is quite thick, hence the title Mud Cleanser but I liked it. You have to use this product AM and PM and it helps to purify skin, I have only used it once so I am excited to see how it makes a difference in my skin in a few weeks.

Then it was on to the Glow Tonic,  which is used to brighten the skin. I used this after rinsing the cleanser off and because the cleanser was so thick I felt like after using the Glow Tonic that I removed any residue that the cleanser had left behind. It definitely made my skin feel a lot more refreshed. You are supposed to use the Glow Tonic AM and PM as well, so I am looking forward to seeing what benefits it brings in the long run.

Then it was onto the Glow Mud Mask, I am a huge fan of face masks in general, I generally tend to go sheet masks as they are a lot easier to put on and take off. This is the first mud mask that I have tried and I am so glad it is because after 15-20 minutes I took the mask off and I could really tell a difference in my skin, it felt super smooth, pores looked to have been reduced and it also took the redness out of a little bit of heat rash that I had on my jaw line!

What I like about Pixi Beauty is that they do a lot of Travel Size/Tester kits so instead buying a full-size product and maybe wasting it if you don’t get along with the product, you can buy the Best of Bright Kit for £20 and you can test three amazing products!

I will definitely be investing in the full-size products when I run out as well as purchasing some other beauty products from Pixi.

Pixi Beauty