Lucky Feet

My two-year-old daughter came home from nursery one evening to tell me that her best friend Ruby had pink toe nails and that she would “like purple ones just like Ruby’s please Mummy”. I thought she would swiftly forget about this, yet every time I changed my nail colour she reminded me that “we haven’t done my nails yet mummy”!! Part of my reluctance has been firstly her age and secondly the fact that I didn’t want to use products that could be too harsh, or have an adverse effect on her perfect tiny feet, so I put it off and off… Yet her persistence and love of purple continued. As luck would have it, we attended Margaret Dabb’s Press Launch at her luxury clinic in Harrogate last week.

Not only did I get to experience first-hand the luxury hand and foot treatments on offer by Margaret’s expert in-clinic Podiatrist Jane and Spa Therapist Shanice, the beautiful clinic also contains retail space, which showcases Margaret’s fabulous Hand & Foot care product range for customers to browse and buy. Margaret was there herself and I explained to her my daughters love of purple and beauty at such a young age. Margaret assured me that she had formulated everything herself and not only did she have the perfect purple in Heather for my daughter, the nail varnishes she has personally developed are actual nail treatments themselves.

The nail polishes promote nail health and vitality; vitamin E has been included to strengthen and protect the nails and wild rose botanical extract helps to revitalise and prevent any infection, whilst leaving a beautiful scent of wild roses on the nails. Understanding all this direct from Margaret herself, I felt confident in purchasing Margaret’s polish for my daughter’s first foray into having the perfectly polished purple tootsies.

I explained to my daughter whilst she sat statue still waiting for the polish to dry that the Heather flower is a symbol of good luck. She was super excited to have lucky feet and scented purple toes to show Ruby as she skipped into nursery this morning after the Bank Holiday. Her wide smile at having the perfectly polished toes was delightful for a mummy to see as well as feeling safe in the knowledge that I was being a good mummy – using a product formulated by a true expert and professional podiatrist, passionate about feet in Margaret Dabbs. At £14.00 a bottle and a lovely range of colours beautifully packaged, this is the perfect present or treat for yourself or even better still, little people’s lucky feet!