Beauty UK 2017


Hi All,

I am going to be walking around the stalls at Beauty UK on Sunday 21st May!

I am keen to catch up with everyone as humainly possible, whether that be speaking with people who are recruiting new talent for their team, candidates looking for new opportunities or just learning about all of the latest treatments/products in the industry and learning about the current market trends.

Also, if anyone is bringing along some samples I would love to have some to review and write about on our blog!

If you would be open to having a conversation with me to see what LH Consumer Health & Beauty could do for you, please do not hesitate to send me a message on LinkedIn and let’s arrange a time to speak at the show!



Pixi Beauty – Best of Bright Kit

I have been waiting to get my hands on a couple of Pixi Beauty products for a while after seeing a lot of bloggers rave about the products, but every time I go to buy them they are always out of stock! But I managed to pick up the Best of Bright Kit from Cult Beauty a few weeks back.

In this kit there is a cleanser, toner and a mud mask.

First of all I used the Glow Mud Cleanser, this product is not like any other cleanser that I have used before! It is not in a liquid form it is quite thick, hence the title Mud Cleanser but I liked it. You have to use this product AM and PM and it helps to purify skin, I have only used it once so I am excited to see how it makes a difference in my skin in a few weeks.

Then it was on to the Glow Tonic,  which is used to brighten the skin. I used this after rinsing the cleanser off and because the cleanser was so thick I felt like after using the Glow Tonic that I removed any residue that the cleanser had left behind. It definitely made my skin feel a lot more refreshed. You are supposed to use the Glow Tonic AM and PM as well, so I am looking forward to seeing what benefits it brings in the long run.

Then it was onto the Glow Mud Mask, I am a huge fan of face masks in general, I generally tend to go sheet masks as they are a lot easier to put on and take off. This is the first mud mask that I have tried and I am so glad it is because after 15-20 minutes I took the mask off and I could really tell a difference in my skin, it felt super smooth, pores looked to have been reduced and it also took the redness out of a little bit of heat rash that I had on my jaw line!

What I like about Pixi Beauty is that they do a lot of Travel Size/Tester kits so instead buying a full-size product and maybe wasting it if you don’t get along with the product, you can buy the Best of Bright Kit for £20 and you can test three amazing products!

I will definitely be investing in the full-size products when I run out as well as purchasing some other beauty products from Pixi.

Pixi Beauty

Models Own Leeds Launch!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for the Leeds Beauty Market as the brand that are renowned for their amazing, pigmented nail varnish’s that is Models Own have opened their first flagship store outside of London in our hometown of Leeds. It is based in the Trinity Shopping Centre, a key location for shoppers!

As beauty recruiters it would have been a sin not to go and pop down and say ‘Hello’ to the people that we speak with over the phone regularly and put name’s to faces! It was great to finally meet Paul & Leanne who we work very closely with and it was great to understand why they decided to open up in Leeds. It’s like they said Leeds is an up & coming city with a big market, especially with the recent opening of the Victoria Gate at the later end of last year.

The store was looking great and it really bright and vibrant which is what they encourage people to be with their makeup so I like that the theme ties in great!

One thing that I do have to say about the store is that the staff are great, we had a lady personally looking after us and every question we had about products she could answer in a heartbeat, we didn’t catch her name but she had dark hair, was wearing pink eye shadow and had a piercing underneath her lip. She was a great representative for the company.

We wish Models Own all the success in the North & beyond and hope that there are many more openings we can attend and we hope that Kate the Store Manager in Leeds & the team carry on the success that was demonstrated yesterday!